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Why I choose to homeschool.

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

A black mom's answer to poverty and unhappiness in a system designed to keep you there.

Why Homeschooling?

I decided to homeschool long before I had any children. The idea came to me as a child. Although I am a product of public schooling and knew little to nothing about homeschooling as a child, I've always had dreams of teaching my own and exposing them to communal learning. I attended predominantly black schools from daycare through college so exposure to my culture wasn't an issue. Neither was the lack of positive black elders to learn from. My dissatisfaction cane from the absence of pure joy when performing the tasks that systems deemed necessary for achievement. No one who was teaching me had full control over the decisions they were making in their life. This in turn causes major doubt in the source of my education. I knew I would have to go against the grain and create an alternative route for my life. I knew I needed to learn self sustainability.

Recognize the problem.

In my youth, I often would arrange rooms of the house as different classrooms and lead my stuffed animal pupils into home based learning. I always loved the process of obtaining and sharing new information,  and I was extra excited to teach things that I was interested in. Things that weren't so much important at school. I focused on core subjects such as math and reading, but we also explored other life skills such as sewing, culinary art,  and economics. We conducted science experiments and created inventions to help us solve household problems. At the age of 8, I was preparing myself for my future as a home educator.

Research solutions.

As a teen I met my first homeschooling family. This was one of the first examples I saw of self sufficient family. As I made friends with the older daughter I soon realized the freedom her and her brothers had. Each child had the flexibility and resources to obtain an education at home while creating income for themselves and mastering their own personal skill. They even had more freedom in who they chose to be social with, seeing as they didn't have to sit in the same class with the same people everyday. They were exposed to new personalities and viewpoints simply by running errands or taking a family trip. Sometimes I would sit in with her as she did her lesson or take a trip with them to the museum. These experiences made waking up at 6 am to go learn the same information I had learnt since Pre-K seem quite foolish.

Test your hypothesis.

Homeschooling became more of a practice after college. My husband and I decided to sell all of our belongings and backpack with only the bare necessities.  We chose to do this as a test to our new engagement and as a rebellion to the social norms of happiness and success. We spent 9 months traveling, experiencing new ideas and obtaining new perspectives. Those days were spent doing a lot of self reflection and studying.  We made the decision then to take responsibility for our lives and the future of our family. In my opinion, this is one of the first steps when deciding to educate your own children.

Change the future.

During the time my family started,  America was in the stages of saying goodbye Obama,  hello Trump. Hostility was high amongst all sorts of social groups. It surely was a time of great divide, especially within the Black community. Although many saw this as a setback for our country I viewed it as an opportunity to start creating the communal based learning I've always wanted and now desperately need. With the help of my network of artists, musicians, scientists, lawyers, philanthropists, farmers,  and spiritualists I chartered the Nü School of Life. As my family grows so will the school. I want to give them the freedom to explore themselves and their interests before the world tells them who they have to be. Our school will provide a child the chance to build up on what makes them unique and show them how to create their own opportunities. In this method we are building a better future for our community starting with our self.

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