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Balancing Life While Homeschooling

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Orion and his first homeschool friend. (Socialization does happen in homeschool, but that's for another post 😄)

As a homeschooling parent, I always feel like my job is never done. Some days I find myself doing nothing but home chores. Other days it's all about the children. Often you can get so consumed with your family work and schooling needs that you're left wondering when was the last time you showered.

Balance is a necessity in general, but when it comes to building a successful homeschool while maintaining a stable home.. it is inevitable. You will be forced to find a way to evenly distribute your time and energy amongst yourself and your family.

I never knew how terrible I was at multitasking until the responsibilities of marriage, child raising, running a home, working from home, and homeschooling were tossed into my rhythm.

We've all heard the saying "you cannot pour from an empty cup". Meaning self-care is a priority! If you are not setting the example of mental and physical stability, It will be hard for your children to take you or learning from you seriously.

The key to achieving balance is organization. Being organized creates order in your life. Your time at work and in schooling will be structured and the moments of self care in between (which is well needed) will be balanced also.


The best way to start your day off right is by ending the previous one properly. Meaning... GET SOME SLEEP! We all probably have a nightly routine to relax and prepare our children for a good nights rest. So we understand the benefits of adequate sleep The same applies to us adults. A night well rested is just as important as a healthy breakfast or stretching in the morning. So if you want to improve your concentration and productivity, go to bed. Your bedtime days are far from over.

Start Your Day Alone

Optimize your quiet time. Put down the phone and close your eyes. Manifest you productive day!

Waking up before everyone else gives you the opportunity to ground yourself and prepare your mind, body, and soul for the day. During the day, your focus will mainly be on homeschooling or homemaking, leaving less time to focus on yourself. Early in the morning before the chickens (and your family) rise is a great time to place you at the center of attention. This is a quiet time where you can organize your plan for the day. Map out an idea of what you want to accomplish with your schooling work and home life.

Divide The Load

Orion wasn't too happy to use the vacuum for its correct purpose. 😁

Many moms fall victim to the idea that being a "Super Mom" means that you have to do everything yourself. Really it is about being resourceful and productive. As long as the job gets done it doesn't matter how you do it. This means get your family involved. When your children are old enough introduce household responsibilities to them. Let them make decisions about their learning, perhaps let them create/ choose their lesson. After all, homeschooling is about letting the child learn at their own pace, so why not get them involved in the process.

Get other adults involved. Network with your community and other homeschooling families. You can try rotating their learning environment. Many co-ops practice this. It allows children the opportunity to receive new and reinforced information from different perspectives while splitting the workload between parents.

Spring Clean Every Season

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Does your child's learning area look like this or worse?

A cluttered life and a cluttered mind go hand in hand. We all know homeschooling can sometimes build up unnecessary loads of toys, paper, supplies, and other random objects. That's when its time to release, recycle and re-purpose. Toys that have lost your child's interest can be donated to your fellow homeschooling families or charity. Give old paper and artwork a new use. Cut them up into 4x6 in rectangles and use them as note cards. Write messages on them or use them as new art material. Harness the chaos in your home because a clear mind leads to a more organized life.

The "Not To Do" List

What are the things you just know for a fact are not going to get done? Do people ask you to do things that you feel will put a hindrance to your life and routine? What is it that drains your energy on a daily basis? These are the things that you should put on your "Not To Do" list. Just say no. Your plate is full enough. You know what you are capable of. If you feel that completing that task will cause more harm than help to your organized life then don't do it.

What are ways you find balance in your hectic life? Comment below and share.

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